Nathaniel Talbot


“With enveloping lyrical stories and a voice that elicits the ghosts of folk’s storied past, Talbot cuts through the throngs of the Pacific Northwest’s folk-pop hopefuls and stands high above in class unto himself.” – SSG MUSIC

“Challenging what folk music is capable of, Talbot’s powerful, uplifting voice harnesses a country twang complemented by lush acoustic finger-picking and a violin that feels like it was birthed next to a babbling brook in the mountains” – SEATTLE WEEKLY 

When poet and songwriter Nathaniel Talbot, stepped on stage, the sparks began to fly. His strong and expressive baritone, powerful, unexpected chord changes and delicate fingerpicking style and Anna’s rich fiddle tone, vocal harmonies and mandolin were the perfect compliment. The superbly crafted songs, sometimes upbeat and humorous , sometimes powerfully rhythmic, sometimes dark and dissonant were masterfully arranged.” – Tim Noah

“Talbot is a chronicler of the human condition, in its many forms, and the play between his finger-picked guitar and Tivel’s violin provides a delicate, otherworldly atmosphere, and one that is wholly captivating” – LEICESTER BANGS (UK)

“Nathaniel Talbot wowed listeners so much last year that we decided to bring him back again this year. An extremely polished guitar player at the age of 27, Nathaniel weaves intricate melodies around soaring guitar lines.” – SISTERS FOLK FESTIVAL

“Nathaniel Talbot’s high-register croon floats lightly over complex, plucky melodies and lucid tempos with an ethereal, ghostly vibe that meshes perfectly with the music’s forlorn, yet aggressive and ambitious, sound.” – WILLAMETTE WEEK

“Talbot uses language like a religious mystic might, he’s an effluence of natural descriptors, weaving a tapestry of deeper meaning.” – American Standard Time

 “Talbot pushes our understanding of our selves through the intensity of his songcraft. Even the instrumental tracks are enough to make you stop what you’re doing and listen.” – No Depression

“The songwriting is outstanding, not so much an improvement on what Talbot has done before as it is an acceleration. Talbot’s train has left the station and it’s picking up speed.” – Whidbey Life Magazine

“There is a calm sensibility to Nathaniel Talbot, songs that could only come from the salty countryside of the Pacific Northwest. Singing of heart and humanity in a lush landscape of cattails and mountain rivers, Talbot’s poetic lyrics and hypnotizing finger-picking feel familiar. ” – Portland Mercury

 “Talbot’s latest is a simple, pure, haunting love song that sticks with you.” – Vortex Magazine

“there’s a windswept calm that wraps around the whole thing. It’s folk without the ornaments, nor the need to sound either vintage or hip.” – Earthlings!

“Straying from the radioized brand of folk music that’s topping airwaves, Nathaniel Talbot’s powerful, swooning voice and impressive instrumentation on Here in the Fields offers listeners a powerful glimpse into the singer’s life. It’s emotional on a personal level, with a sound that effortlessly drags you into the song while simultaneously feeling like it was recorded in a forest…It’s a pleasant treat to stumble upon something like this. A fantastic album from beginning to end”. –SEATTLE WEEKLY

“Nathaniel’s songs were intimately rooted to the earth, tied to the cycles of nature, and somewhat mystifying” – NO DEPRESSION

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